How are you doing together with your family, I hope everything is okay? here is my phone number +44 790 869 3192 NOTE: do not call me, you can send me an SMS, because the Bank established security to supervise all members of the Bank … Thank you for your understanding
Please make sure this information is between you and me until we realize the success of this transaction. What I want you to do now is to request the release of the fund into your account, be sure to keep a top secret of this transaction because I do not want any bank staff member to know that I am responsible for this transaction. This is where I establish the future hope of survival of our future, the family and was the reason why I tried to explain for your better understanding
You should not change your name and nationality in this transaction because you will file an application as a business partner to the note of the deceased client. If you send this letter to the bank, the bank will not delay in contacting you, but you should not respond Back to the bank until you are told what to do
This is to avoid mistakes on your part, see the official letter below, send it to the bank through the bank, the bank’s email address as follows.
Bank Details
Metro Bank Plc United Kingdom
Chief Financial Officer, David Arden
Address One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA
Telephone  +44 20 3402 8312
Immediately, this fund is transferred to your account, then I will obtain the visa to your country for the disbursement of the fund according to my proportion of proposal, immediately request, send me an email to inform me that you sent the letter to the bank.
My best consideration for you and your family,
Love of yours Elise Clemens
====================================================================== ==========
For manager Metro Bank Plc London United Kingdom
Chief Financial Officer, David Arden
Address One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA
Telephone +44 20 3402 8312
Mr. Mrs,
I am … the trading partner of the late Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki, who died on October 19, 2015, as a result of Blood cancer in Egyptian capital, Cairo.
After its funeral, I discovered that it has an unclaimed account and balance of sixteen million five hundred thousand US dollars. ($ 16.5 million) deposited in our bank when he was alive.
I hereby wish to inform you that I am anxious to request the claim of funds as your business partner to allow your bank release and transfer your balance account ($ 16.5 million) to my nominated bank account, I hope your urgent response to this effect, I will send you the information of my bank account for the transfer of the amount mentioned above
I therefore hope that your bank administration will give urgent attention to my request and further communicate me with the forms and related documents necessary to claim this amount without delay.
I apologize for the belated application of this claim, as I have been arranging other things that remain since your sudden death occurred.
Yours sincerely